No Ordinary Chapter's Member Brochure also includes information on how BNI works


BNI's No Ordinary Chapter is a group of business professionals who meet weekly and help each other increase our bottom line through word of mouth referrals (using BNI's proven method).

Each week we educate the group about our business — so members understand which referrals work best for us.  Ten-minute presentations are a chance to explain in more detail.  

As members gain trust in us and our services, they can refer people to us with confidence.  Some people are able to refer work back and forth continuously — they become “power partners.”

BNI is unique in that it only allows one-person-per-profession,
so your competition is not in the room.

If your profession is not already represented in our chapter —
or if you could do business with one of our members —
we would love to meet you.

Professions we're currently seeking include:
Building Trades: Contractor, Handyman, Painter, Electrician
Health Team: Massage Therapist, Chiropractor
Marketing: Social Media, Printer

To see if your profession is already represented,
visit our Member Directory.

To visit a meeting, contact Chapter President
Lory Poulson    510-236-4143